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About Us

The Wagon Today

"Whether it’s your first visit to The Wagon or you’re one of our regulars, we hope you enjoy your meal and that you’ll come back soon! 

We are beyond thankful for the customers who patronize our business and for our dedicated employees who have helped us create the warm and friendly restaurant environment we’re so proud of." 

- Bill and Nancy 
Bill and Nancy, owners of Conestoga Wagon Restaurant.

The original Conestoga Wagon owners in 1977.

our History

It all began back in 1977, when Tom and Gerry Grassel decided to open a restaurant here in Conestoga. The property was bought through Donald and Jeaette Rankin, who operated the gas and service station here.

For fifteen years, the Grassels along with their five children operated the restaurant. In 1991, with all children grown, they decided to lease the restaurant to someone else. After six years of leasing, the restaurant was returned to them. It was then, that their only daughter, Nancy, along with her husband, Bill, decided they would like a chance to bring back The Wagon in the way that they remembered it. 

And so, in 1998 with Tom and Gerry Grassel behind them, Nancy and Bill turned their dream into a reality. Along with a lot of hard work and support from friends and family, The Wagon reopened in November, 1998. 

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